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Shelter Construction & Planning

Our shelter continues to make progress towards completion.

Interior framing began in Spring 2016 and was completed in the summer. We are in the process of securing bids for electrical work and HVAC installation. Check out the pictures to see how far we've come.

The month of June marked the first use of the Happy Tails board room in the new shelter! The Happy Tails Board of Directors took advantage of the new framing to hold our monthly meeting in what will soon become the board room. Pictured are (left to right) Don Woodard, Vice President Carolyn Crow, Claudia Goodenow, Jack Camp, Treasurer Bill Friedenberg, and President Karen Friedenberg (secretary Emily Blade is behind the camera!) Not pictured are Susan Webb, Ken Willet, and Teralin Aker.

The shelter, once completed, will contain many first-rate amenities for the comfort of the animals. The completed shelter measures 60 x 100 feet, giving us plenty of space for our future shelter animals. Our plans provide housing for 20 dogs, 10 puppies, and 50 cats, and will also contain additional space for isolation areas for both cats and dogs. We are also excited to be planning large outdoor play areas to provide daily exercise and enrichment for our animals. The radiant heat system has gained popularity in many shelters around the country because it increases the comfort level of a concrete floor and provides a cleaner and healthier heat source.

We have been very fortunate to have been able to work with several local companies who believe in our cause and have been generous enough to do much of our construction work at a reduced cost. The exterior of the building was done by Doubletree Builders. Exterior excavation was completed by Bishop Brothers’ Construction, and interior excavation by Zachary Mowry Excavating. The plumbing and heating was installed by Innovative Energy Group. Our beautiul concrete work was done by Dylan Pepper. The interior framing is being done by John Lavin, Jr. We are extremely appreciative of these companies and their support of our mission.

If you would like to help us in this ongoing project, please donate today.

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