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​​In the Spring of 2003, a dedicated group of animal lovers met to discuss the possibility of building and running a no-kill animal shelter in Bradford County, Pennsylvania. By the end of that year, we were incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, formed a board of directors, and began planning and fundraising to build the shelter. We are currently a member of the Central Bradford County Chamber of Commerce and the Towanda Business Association. ​


about us

Mission​ & Values
Our Goals​

Our mission is to educate pet owners and the general public, teach humane principles and responsible pet ownership to promote harmonious relationships and to end all animal cruelty. With our no-kill philosophy we will provide a safe haven for abused and homeless pets in the geographical region that offers these animals options for a better life.

  • Build a no kill animal shelter that will provide a clean comfortable, safe, and healthy environment for each animal.

  • Provide public educational programs to promote harmonious relationships between companion animals and their humans to end cruelty.

  • Strive to return stray animals to their homes, and to aggressively seek suitable homes for homeless animals through adoption, fostering, and​ collaboration with service organizations.

  • Build a strong spay/neuter program within the community and offer help to those in need of emergency medical care.

  • Fund the organization by soliciting memberships, grants, and donations to support our programs and operation of the shelter.

  • Encourage community support for the animals and the shelter.

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