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Need Help Rehoming Your Pet?

Happy Tails No Kill Animal Shelter is dedicated to finding loving homes for all animals. While our shelter is under construction we are unable to take in animals.  However, we do have another resource available for animals in our area that need new homes.


We may be able to help by listing your pet on our Petfinder Website.  Petfinder is a national resource where animals are listed for adoption.  Our Petfinder coordinator would need a photo of your pet as well as other information required by the site.  You must provide a phone number or e-mail address so that you can be contacted directly by anyone interested in adopting your pet.  Happy Tails is not involved in this decision, or the outcome.

Petfinder is also a great resource if you are interested in adopting a pet. Most shelters have photos of their adoptable animals on petfinder, so you can do some “window shopping"!  Go to, and put in your zipcode. You will have access to all area shelters.


If you are interested in this service, please contact us.

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