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Spay & Neuter Programs

We currently work with a few local veterinarians to spay/neuter the cats and dogs taken into homes through our foster program. Promoting spaying and neutering pets helps us get closer to decreasing the population of abandoned and abused animals.

​Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR)

​Board members, Ken Willet and Don Woodard​, have ​been working in Trap-Neuter-Release/Rescue, in Owego, since the early 1990s. In 2009, they recognized a significant increase in homeless cats and kittens in Owego, and began a community-based project to get it under control. In 2010, Happy Tails created a fund for their efforts, offering community members a way to make tax-deductible donations for this local project.To date, Owego's Trap-Neuter-Return/Rescue group has vetted over 325 cats since its inception (2009), 160 cats in 2012. We offer our T-N-R/R services outside Owego, as needed, and as funds allow. Feral cats are fixed, with ears notched, and returned to their outside homes. Minimally, for the few friendly, homeless cats we must return to the outdoors, we try to arrange a caregiver, to ensure they get food and possibly shelter, on the worst days, until we can place them. Sweet ones are placed, whenever we can - directly, or fostered and then placed, as soon as possible. We have close to a 100% placement of these friendly strays. The number of cats fixed and placed each month also continues to increase. ​​​​​​

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