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Rescue Program in PA​​​

The Bradford & Sullivan County Happy Tails Rescue program officially started in March of 2010. This program deals primarily with cats who are unwanted or abandoned and are in need of shelter, veterinary care, and forever homes. Space is currently limited since we don't have a building to house the animals. Animals are primarly cared for in the homes of board members who are able to take them in.  Several dogs have also benefited from this program that have been cared for and placed in permanent homes.


Rescue Program  in NY

​Board members, Ken Willet and Don Woodard​, have ​been working in Owego. We have lost track of the number of cats, dogs, exotic and farm animals we've placed, without having vetting costs.

Located near Owego, New York? Contact our sister organization:


If you are interested and willing to participate in or support our Foster Program, please contact us.

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